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Curves and Surfaces


Chapter 1: Curves

  • Parametrizations. Parametrization of conics. Implicit equations of a curve. Planar curves: implicit, explicit equations and equations in polar coordinates.
  • Length of a regular curve. Line integral of a scalar-valued function. Arc length parameter (or natural parameter).
  • Frenet frame. Planes and lines associated with Frenet frame. Projections of a curve on planes.
  • Curvature and torsion. Radius of curvature. Osculating circle. Frenet Serret formulas.
  • Significative curves: helices.

Chapter 2: Surfaces

  • Parametrizations. Parametrizations of quadric surfaces. Implicit and explicit equations. Parametrizations by rotation, translation, etc. Surfaces of revolution.
  • Tangent plane and Normal line at a regular point. Parametric curves.
  • First fundamental form. Measure. Surface integral of scalar function.
  • Second fundamental form. Curvatures of the curves of a surface. Normal curvature.
  • Asymptotic directions. Asymptotic curves.
  • Classification of regular points of a surface: elliptic, hyperbolic and parabolic points. Umbilic points and planar points.
  • Principal curvatures. Gaussian curvature. Mean curvature. Principal directions. Lines of Curvature. Geodesics. Euler formula.
  • Ruled Surfaces. Directrix and rulings. Parametrization of a ruled surface.
  • Measure and shape of a ruled surface: first and second fundamental forms. distribution parameter. Properties of the ruled surfaces.
  • Classification of ruled surfaces: developable surfaces and non-developable surfaces. Properties. Edge of regression. Striction curve.


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