On the culture of quality

The Aula Universidad-Empresa UPM and Bid Group One in the Theory of Quality, develops activities within the scope of the quality, including, among others, the implementation of conventions, conferences and seminars whose common thread is the study and implementation of the processes of quality in different professional environments (University-Company).

Upcoming activities

                        E.T.S. de Arquitectura, Madrid, (Spain)
  • 2016-04-30 “Quality Management Solutions. The Problem Solving Theories"
                        Paris (Francia)
  • 2016-05-30 “Modeling Customer Satisfaction. Understanding the Concept of Quality"
                        New York (USA)



Juan Francisco Padial Molina: Aula Director (E.T. S. de Arquitectura)

Alfonso Carlos Casal Piga: Director of Business relationships with the Aula 

José Esteban Prieto Palacio: BID GROUP ONE President


  • bidgroupone.arquitectura@upm.es


  •   Juan Francisco Padial - Director Aula

  •   Alfonso C. Casal - Director Relaciones   Universidad-Empresa Bid Group One

  •   Érika Sánchez - Oficina Técnica

  •   Dpto. Matemática Aplicada
  •   E.T.S. de Arquitectura
  •   Avda. Juan de Herrera 4
  •   28040 Madrid

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